• Daily Lunch Menu - Lots of other sweet & savoury options available in store

    Friday July 21st

  • Daily Soup
  • Salads

    Brutus Salad

  • Sandwiches $8.35

    Jalapeno Cheddar Chicken Wraps and Sandwiches

  • Pizza Buns $3.95 - $4.95

    Pulled Pork


  • Pies $22 - $35 for large, $4 - $6 for small

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Coconut Curry Quinoa Pot Pie (vegan)

  • Bread $6.25

    Superseed (vegan)

    Jensen Cheddar

    Farm Fresh Egg Bread

    Foccocia with Tomato and Bocancini



We know Cake and Loaf would not be what it is today without all our amazing staff and past employees and we appreciate everyone of them. We treat our staff like family and with respect. If you are passionate about food, genuinely love seeing someone smile as they eat your creation and work well with others in tiny spaces then this might be the job for you!

We’re looking for a CAKE DECORATOR/BAKER.
This doesn’t ever happen
, so if you’re experienced and have a love for all things cake – JUMP ON IT!!!
.available Monday-Saturday
.Flexible hours 8am-8pm
.3+ years of professional …

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