• Daily Lunch Menu - Lots of other sweet & savoury options available in store

    Friday July 20th

  • Daily Soup
  • Salads

    Creamy Dill Potato Salad with Bacon and Egg Crumble

  • Sandwiches $8.35

    Egg and Dill Cucumber Sandwich

    Grilled Cheese with Apple and Bacon

  • Pizza Buns $4.25 - $4.5



  • Pies $25 - $35 for large, $4 - $8 for small

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Curried Quinoa Vegetable Pot Pie (vegan)

    *NEW - Summer Feature - Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Pot Pie (Available Thursday Afternoons - Saturday) - limited quantities available*

  • Bread $6.25-$7.25

    Milk and Honey Whole Wheat

    Farm Fresh Egg Bread

    Jensen Cheddar

Pizza Buns
S’mores Cupcake

S’mores Cake | Special Edition

4 layers of  chocolate cake with 3 layers of graham buttercream with milk chocolate ganache in the middle layer. Finished in graham buttercream and golden graham crumb base. Milk chocolate ganache poured on top and decorated with milk chocolate drizzles and toasted house-made vanilla bean marshmallows. EXTRA CHARGE on top of gourmet pricing (6”- $10, 8”-$20, 10”-$30 etc…)

Daily Menu