• Daily Lunch Menu - Lots of other sweet & savoury options available in store

    Thursday March 23rd

  • Daily Soup

    Coconut Curry Roasted Red Pepper Soup

    Garden Vegetable (vegan)

  • Salads

    Greek Chopped Salad

    Thai Soba Noodle Salad

  • Sandwiches $8.35

    Roasted Vegetable and Chevre

    Classic Tuna Wraps and Sandwiches

  • Pizza Buns $3.95 - $4.95



  • Pies $22 - $35 for large, $4 - $6 for small

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Creamy Cashew Vegan Pot Pie

    Teal's Chevron and Ale Pot Pie- Available Wednesday to Saturday's Until Easter

  • Bread $6.25


    Jensen Cheddar

    Soft White Sandwich Bread

    Farm Fresh Egg Bread

    Tomato Foccocia

    Whole Wheat Milk and Honey

Booking Wedding Cake Consults | 2017-2018

What’s hip hop happenin’ this Spring? | Easter Menu 2017

If you love chocolate, pastels and all that is spring, then we just might have all the sweets and eats you’re looking for!


Click this link – Easter Menu 2017– for our PDF Menu Form

Deadline for all orders is Monday April 10that noon.

  1. PRINT OUT – fill in with your details and bring into the shop to place your order
  2. EMAIL – fill out pdf on your computer and email us your order to
  3. CALL – 289-389-6581 to place your order
  4. PAYMENT – full payment is required to reserve your order
    • we accept credit over the phone
    • debit/cash/credit in store

C+L Easter Menu 2017

All the Chocolates…


And the crowd goes wild… The CEB is a Hamilton show stopper, returning for it’s 3rd year of Epic Deliciousness! A rich fudge brownie bottom with a cream egg embedded in the center ( this year we have even created the cream egg from scratch too!) , followed by 2 layers of 35% cream Callebaut Ganache in white and yolk yellow. The crowning top is a layer of Milk Chocolate Ganache.

Featured on last year and notably recognized as a Hamilton Original across Ontario.

Classic Cream Eggs | $15 for 5 eggs

Returning for their 5th year due to popular demand, these sweet eggs contain an ooey gooey middle encased in a sweet shell dipped in fair trade organic dark chocolate. This is our sweet take on the Cadbury Cream Egg.

VEGAN Peanut Butter Cream Eggs | $15 for 5 eggs

The best friends are uniting again in this Chocolate and Peanut Butter treat! A chocolate shell surrounds a smooth creamy peanut butter center. Encased in fair trade dark chocolate.

Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs | $5 ea

Handcrafted vanillabean marshmallow in egg shape, dipped in fair trade organic chocolate with a cute group of sprinkles.

Mini Egg Chocolate Bark | $7 – 100g

Handcrafted and tempered chocolate with mini eggs – Dark or White available

Chocolate Peanut Butter Melts | $6 – 100g 

Melt in your mouth delicious! It’s all in the name.

Other Sweets

Easter Candy Nest Cupcakes | $3.95 ea

A selection of easter chocolates atop our vanilla or chocolate cupcakes in an adorable swiss meringue buttercream nest.

Mini Egg Eclairs | $7.95 ea

All the mini eggs! Ganache inside with mini egg crumble, 35% whip cream topped with more chocolate and mini eggs.

Decorated Sugar Cookies | $5.95 ea

Cute Bunnies and Chicks in pastel tones on our famous vanillabean sugar cookies. Packaged and Adorably Tagged.

Spring Sugar Dots | $15 – 225g

Bite sized vanillabean sugar cookie dots in pastel tones with cute little decorated carrots by the blissful bag.

 C+L Hot Cross Buns | $15 – 6 buns

A beautiful collection of traditional spices, plump raisins and mixed fruits. Comes with our “oh so dreamy” cream cheesing spread to take it to the next level!

Classic Vanillabean or Salted Caramels | $15 -200g

Handcrafted by our team at Cake and Loaf Market, these caramels are chewy sweet morsels of happiness!


6″ Chocolate Mini Egg Cake | $50 8-12ppl

Four layers of rich chocolate cake with 3 layers of chocolate buttercream and mini egg crumble in two layers. Finished in Vanillabean buttercream and crushed mini egg decoration with teal poured chocolate ganache and chocolate crumbs with crushed mini egg bits on the base.

6″ Vanilla Mini Egg Cake | $50 8-12ppl

Four layers of vanillabean cake with 3 layers of vanillabean buttercream and mini egg crumble on two layers. Finished in Vanillabean buttercream and crushed mini egg decoration with teal poured chocolate ganache and crushed mini egg bits on the base.

6″ Classic Carrot Cake | $50 8-12ppl

The carrot cake that rivals all other carrot cakes with ” oh so dreamy ” cream cheese filling and toasted coconut exterior.

6″ Lemon Meringue Cheesecake | $60 8 -12ppl

Deep Dish Vanillabean Cheesecake with the best from scratch lemon curd topped with fluffy toasted meringue clouds.

6″ Mini Egg Chocolate Cheesecake | $60 8 -12ppl

Deep Dish Chocolate Cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache and all those mini eggs y’all go crazy for!

Oh me Oh my pie!


9″ Chocolate Pecan Pie | $21

Pure butter pastry shell filled with sweet maple chocolate and toasted pecan pie filling. Vanillabean Ice Cream is a must!

9″ Salty Honey Pie | $21

A Buttertart and Custard Tart hybrid that you won’t want to miss.

9″ Lime Meringue Pie | $23

Smooth and Zesty Lime filling in our pure butter pastry topped with toasted meringue.

9″ Vegan or Regular Apple Raspberry Crumble Pie| $23

Local Apples from our Hamilton Farmer’s Market paired with plump raspberries and topped with our classic crumble top.

9″ Vegan or Regular Wild Blueberry Pie | $30

Ontario Blueberries are the highlight of this beautiful pie!

9″ Butterscotch Chocolate Skor Pie | $23

A pie that just won’t quit! Smooth Butterscotch filling with a dark chocolate ganache top coated in Skor bits.


9″ Classic Chicken Pot Pie | $25

Roasted Fenwood Farm’s Chicken in a gravy with veggies and potatoes wrapped in our pure butter pastry shell.

9″ Vegan Creamy Cashew Pot Pie | $24

Some like to say that this could even pass for a creamy chicken pie! Jammed with veggies, cashew and a flavourful gravy.

9″ Teal’s Chevon + Collective Arts Brewery Dark Ale Pot Pie | $30

Healthy, rich in iron and protein, Goat is exceptionally tender after being braised in dark ale and wrapped in our buttery pastry. Locally raised in Waterford at Teal’s Meats, this family run business provides us with a great selection of meats all year long!



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