• Daily Lunch Menu - Lots of other sweet & savoury options available in store

    Wednesday March 21st

  • Daily Soup
  • Salads

    Candied Pecan & Chevre w/ Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Sandwiches $8.35

    Chicken Waldorf

  • Pizza Buns $4.25 - $4.5

    Classic Cheese


  • Pies $25 - $35 for large, $4 - $8 for small

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Creamy Cashew (vegan)

    Jensen Cheddar Sheppard's Pie (Available Thursday-Saturday until Easter)

  • Bread $6.25-$7.25

    Farm Fresh Egg Bread

    Jensen Cheddar

    Superseed (v)


You can focus on the LOVE and we’ll focus on the Amazing Wedding Cake!

We’re now offering Wedding Consultations by Appointment Only.

Our wedding cakes are not only beautiful but get rave reviews for being from scratch delicious.
Create a one of a kind custom flavour or choose from our wide range of flavour offerings during your “cake buffet” tasting.



Please find all of our information below:


We are now offering quotes by scheduled appointment only.

C+L looks forward to designing your perfect wedding cake in person to give you the full experience you deserve.

Wedding Consult Offerings:

Consult are 30mins-1.5 hrs – upon availability

Times may vary if the Senior Decorator or Owner are not available at a particular time.

Wednesday – Thursday

1pm, 3pm or 4:30pm


12pm, 1:30pm, or 3:00pm


Time dependent on the artistic level of wedding cakes on Saturdays during the Season

{Please note that our space is quite small and we can only fit two people comfortably in our consult room}



We present you with “the cake buffet” – which is a selection of different cake types paired with different fillings and buttercreams. This allows you to go through our listing of cake flavors and also gives you the option to create your own custom flavor combinations.

Check out our Current Cake Menu

Please let us know if you would like to try anything in particular from our cake listing!

{  If vegan, please make us aware and we will put together a Vegan Cake Buffet  }

At this time, our cake designer can create  sketches to find the perfect fit for your event.


Bring in any pictures, swatches and stands to help us create your vision.

In addition to full sketches and our tasting, our contract provides all the details for your wedding day and also allows for the option of payment installments for planning purposes.


Midnight Buffet vs. Plated Dessert :

Are you having a midnight buffet with a selection of sweets and savory foods or will the cake be sliced and served to each guest for dessert after main course?

This answer will help us with building and structuring your cake with regards to amount, number of tiers and what will work best for your event.  This could mean cutting your amounts in ½ or ¾ to ensure you aren’t left with too much cake in the end.




Looking forward to meeting you both!

Let us know if you have any questions and be sure to list a few options for consult dates.

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